IV High School in Rybnik

Advertising Materials

Promotional materials designed for IV Secondary School in Rybnik.
The project was used in the making of flyers, attache cases, stickers, biros and sweets.
In order to present the school offer better, there were designed four different icons representing different educational paths the school has to offer.

IVLO Rybnik - flyer IVLO Rybnik - attache cases IVLO Rybnik - icons IVLO Rybnik - stickers IVLO Rybnik - flyer detail


Logo bookstore

Bookstore Amadero

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Logo Photography

mag photos

Visual Identity

Festival Rozjazdy - posters

Festival Rozjazdy


CD cover band The Posit

The Posit

CD cover design

Promotional materials for the IV High School in Rybnik

IV High School in Rybnik

Advertising Materials

Advertising for the Foundation Proaktywni

Foundation Proaktywni

Logo, website

CD cover band Alyson Vane

Alyson Vane

CD cover design

Website Bible Workshops

Bible Workshops

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